Diversified Activities
  Description :
  We undertake all types of waterproofing work as per the customer specified requirement with high performance products such as APP waterproofing membrane, waterproofing chemicals etc.
  Plastomeric waterproofing membrance modified with top imported quality APP polymers and reinforced with non - woven polyester.
  Uses :
  APP Membranes can be applied in :
    Single layer roofing system for normal use
    Double layer roofing system
    Waterproofing of toilets, wet area inside buildings
    Slab on grade
    As part of 2 or 3 layer system in underground structures and basements
  Advantages :
  Advantage of APP Membranes include:
    Easy to apply (by torch)
    High mechanical properties
    Absolute impermeability to water
    Excellent high temperature performance
    Excellent adhesion on any surface
    High dimensional stability
    Environmentally friendly
  Product Range :
  Standard thickness available includes 3mm and 4mm.
  APP Membranes MINERAL is available by weight :
  4kg /m2, 4.5kg / m2, 5kg / m2.
  Surface finish choices include :
    Polyethylene film on both sides
    one side polyethylene and one side fine sand;
    Slated finish on upper surface available with different colors (GY-Grey, RD-Red, GRN-Green, WT-White).
  The Nominal length of each roll is 10 meters and the nominal width is one meter.
  Storage :
  Store vertically in well ventilated shelter, protect against bad weather conditions and direct sun light.
  Laying :
    APP membranes are installed by propane gas torch by melting the waterproofing compound with burner.
    Before laying APP membranes surface should be primed with cold applied bituminous primer.
    Sheets must be placed on the roof and then aligned by overlapping the edges by 10cm on the sides and 15cm at end laps.
  Torching Guidelines :
  The underside of membrane should be torched just enough to melt the bitumen compound. Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement. Overlaps should be re-heated from the top and resealed with a trowel to ensure seam integrity.
  Technical Characteristics :
Roll Length ENB 1848-1 m 10 ± 1%
Roll Width EN 1848-1 m 1 ± 1%
Thickness 1849-1
mm 3 & 4 ± 5%
Weight kg 4, 4, 5, 5
Softening Point (Ring & Ball) ASTM D-36 °c 150 ± 1°c
Penetration at 25°c ASTM D-5 dmm 20 to 25 ± 15 %
60°c dmm 60 to 70 ± 15 %
Reinforcenment ASTM D-5147 gm/m2 180 max
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D-5147 EN 1109 °C Up to - 5 ± 15 %
Tensile strength Long ASTM D-5147
EN 12311 - 1
N/5cm 700 ± 15 %
Wide N/5cm 450 ± 15 %
Elongation at break Long ASTM D-5147
EN 12311 -1
% 40 ± 15 %
Wide % 45 ± 15 %
Tear Resistance
(Nail - Shank)
Long UEATC EN 12310 - 1 N 150 min
Wide N 200 min
Dimensional stability Long EN 1107- 1 - 0.3 max
Wide - 0.2 max
Water absorption ASTM D-5147 % 0.15 max
Water impermeability at 60 K pa UNI 8202 EN 1928 - Absolutely impermeable -
  Due to constant product improvement, above values might be changed without advance notice