High Voltage Insulating Sealing Tape For Use In High Voltage Electrical Systems
T1 Compund Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tape
T1 Compund Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tape
Heat shrinkable outer layer
Pre-coated adhesive inner layer
Cinforms to irregular shaped objects
Tape width: 25 mm and 50 mm are available

How To Apply:
Clean the surface thoroughly on which HVIST Tape is to be applied. Start with holding the starting point of the tape over the round / flat object & start wrapping around. While applying next turn / next round, keep overlap of about 10 mm after elongation of about 50% of its length & terminate the end on HVIS Tape itself & hold end with a piece of PVC tape.
HVIST Tape is suitable for field insulation, bus-bar insulation & insulating terminals and in areas subject to increased levels of contamination or moisture.
It is designed to withstand high temperature. This cost effective product is available in the given specification.
    Thickness (mm) : 1.0 (0.05)
    Width (mm) : 25 & 40 (±0.50)
    Length (mtr) : 5 (±0.03)
    Tensile Strength Breaking Load (N/mm2) : 1.5
    Elogation : (%) 800%
    Electrical strengh (KV / mm) : 22
    Volume Resistivity (Ohm.cm) : 4x1014
    Water Absorption (%): Nil
    SelfBolding Property : Excellent
    Thermal Resistance : 1500c
    Colours : R, Y , B & Black