Products deals with :
Heat Shrinkable Terminations & Joints       Stress Control Tubing & Tri Layer Tubing
Termination kits are Heat Shrinkable terminations kits designed for 3 core extruded dielectric, shielded, armoured & unarmoured 24 kV rated voltage.
For carring out any MV jointing & termination semiconducting layer and copper screen has to cut at appropriate safe distance.
Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve       Cable Accessories
The hot melt adhesive in the inner side of sleeve and heat shrink property provide excellent waterproof performance even in high humidity tropical condition and also in underground.
Anti-tracking Heat Shrinkable tubing made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin and silicone rubber for power cable ermination insulation.
Cable Break-out Boots       Bus Bar Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tubing & Sleeve
Molded heat shrinkable cable break out boots, commonly used for insulation, protection and seal against water and corrosion for cable and conductor breakouts.
Medium and heavy wall heat shrinkable tubing for protection and insulation of bus bar against accidents caused by electrified bare bus bar.
Polymer Shroud       High Voltage Insulating Sealing Tape
Simple & Quick Installation.Re-usable. Very high dielectric strength. Long life Easy to check & repair regularly, no need to damage the lapjoint.
HVIST Tape is suitable for field insulation, bus-bar insulation & insulating terminals and in areas subject to increased levels of contamination or moisture.
MVLC       Polymer Housed Zinc Oxide Surge Arrester
Up to 36 kV. Anti Tracking. Easy and Quick Clip on design. Protects against accidental flashover & bridging. Good Insulating Property.
Excellent protective characteristics. High Durability. High Energy Handling Capabilit. Excellent Insulation Property.
Distrubution Box       Copper Bus Bars
Unique features. Superior international finish quality.  Fast response & delivery. Can be made available on Customer's Designs.
Copper Bus Bars are available in both high conductivity electrolytic tough pitch (JC-ETP®) and high conductivity Oxygen Free (OF) copper.
Copper Rods        
Copper Rods are produced to meet International Standards such as JIS, EN, ASTM, AS/NZ and TIS as required by customers.