Stress Control Tubing & Tri Layer Tubing
C8.7/15 Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories
Stress Control Tubing
For carring out any MV jointing & termination semiconducting layer and copper screen has to cut at appropriate safe distance, Once we remove these , the equipotential lines of forces are concentrated at the screen cut back which builds STRESS . The magnitude of these stress is much higher than the cable's insulation which results premature failure of Joints & Termination. The concentration of High stress must have to be reduced to prevent insulation damage and enhance the life of Joints & Terminations Classic Sterss control sleeve distributes the Stress uniformly over the span thus reducing the concentration at screen cut back.
C106 Semi-Conductive/Insulation/Elastomeric Insulation Tri-Layer Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Heat Shrinkable Tri Layer Tubing
Heavy Wall Tubing Co-extrusion technology
Simple and Quick installation.
Features / Benefits
Easy Installation.
Inner elastomeric will expand when heated and   contract when cooled   together the cable.
Inner elastomeric layer has waterproof effect.

Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve
Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve
Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve
The hot melt adhesive in the inner side of sleeve and heat shrink property provide excellent waterproof performance even in high humidity tropical condition and also in underground. Co-extrusion technology
Simple and Quick installation.
Excellent Product for repairing rebuilding outer jacket.
The Temperature sensitive paint on sleeves indication for the proper shrinking.
Accommodates many sizes.